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An Interview With Kona Podium Finisher Caroline Steffen

With Kona fresh in our minds we caught up with Caroline Steffen as she recharges her batteries for 2013:

Before we move on to talk about your racing could you please explain how you started out in the world of triathlon and your rise to an elite competitor

As a child I did kid’s ballet, gymnastic, scout and played drums. When i was 12years old, I started with sport. Once a week I went to the swim and this just because, I was allowed to leave the religions lessons 15min earlyer to catch the bus. Which is now 18 years ago and it has changed a lot. In the time between, I was 10 years a member of the Swiss Swimming- and 2 years a member of the Swiss Cycling Nationalteam. Won 17 Swiss Champion gold medals in the pool and 1 on the Road. A two days adventure race in 2005 brought me closer to the triathlon, specifically to the long distance.

Congratulations on your podium finish. It was an incredibly hard fought race with lots of drama, could you take us through the highs and lows of the day?

This years race in Kona was marked from many highs and lows when we pointing ou the emotionally part. There was definitive a low point when I got a red card on the bike which changed my whole race strategy or when I tried to ride away the last 40km but I couldn’t. Physically I had a hight all day – even Leanda passed me with 3km to go. It wasn`t a low – she was just faster at this point.

With a race like Kona nothing ever goes to plan, what do you think you have learned from the unexpected events of the day that will make you an ever stronger contender in the future?

Thats right, you always can lern something new each race and used it for your own improvement. I learned I`ve to be better prepered next year for the last 10km run. I worked a lot on my run this year but I`m still not good enough in it. I`ve also learned how to react if not everything is going to plan, I think i did well this year after I got the red card.

Do you have a packed race schedule for 2013 or are you taking some well-deserved rest?

I`ll race the non drafting short course race in Noosa (Australia) the following weekend. Afterwards I guess I`ll take a break. I need some time to recharge my batteries for 2013 which will be another big year of racing and training with Brett Sutton.

You are a big supporter of On. Could you tell us how On have helped you perform at your peak as well as some of the other triathlon kit that you are most excited about in 2013?

On-Running was a great supporter in my past season 2012. With On-Running as my new shoe sponser I was able to train all year thru without any injuries. I recovered faster after my run sets which means I was able to work more efficiency and with better quality during the whole year. I start to run more km/week and got fater the in the same time.

Of course my bike is an other very importent part of the whole game. Bike sponsor Cervélo together with Campagnolo /3T / Cobb Cycling and Schwalbe are irreplaceable

Check out the TomTom Runner triathlon watch review here




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TomTom Running and Triathlon Watch

TomTom Runner For TriathlonFinally the long overdue wait is over. TomTom are releasing their much anticipated TomTom Runner and Multi-sport GPS watches next month to the great excitement of us here at RMT. So what can you expect these two watches to bring to the field and should you gt excited about them? Read this TomTom Runner Review to check out the most exciting features of this nifty little gadget as well as finding out how it can help your triathlon training.

Main Features

One of the main selling points of the Runner (if not the main selling point) is its incredible GPS tracking abilities. Being made by a company who have built their reputation on high accuracy gps technology we should have expected something special but the time it takes to find and lock-on to a signal surprised even us.during testing the Runner took only 15 seconds on average to find a signal which blows watches like the Garmin Forerunner 910 and the Polar RCX5 out of the water.

Another plus point against the T2 name is its battery life. At over 10 hours this is a gadgetthat can keep training for as long as you do…even if you are thinking about entering and endurance triathlon or a marathon. It takes only one hour to charge and no matter which Tom Tom review you read, they all say the same thing – the battery life is awesome!

See the page at London Triathlon for more reviews:

One last point that is well worth mentioning is the watches unique user interface. Although it has been based on the Nike+ SportWatch’s interface, the T2 watch is simpler, faster and much easier to navigate around using the new style of button controls mounded on the wrist strap of the watch. Although this can take a little getting used to, you can reach every corner of the watches menu and options with at mac five clicks. If you hate messing around with technology then this is the GPS running watch for you.

So those plus points are all well and good but what about the negatives. Well unfortunately there are a few little aspects of the T2 that although don’t detract from its overall winning performance, they do make it seem slightly over priced when compared to other sports watches like the Nike+ and some entry level Forerunners.

The main down side is the online training portal. These are essential parts of the package when it comes to GPS watches as they allow the efficient and easy storage of an athletes important and essential training data. They allow athletes to keep track of vital training metrics such as total distance, time, calories and heart rate as well as tracking long term running and triathlon fitness. Sadly the MySports portal is basic and featureless at this stage in time. The guys at T2 have assured us that they are making great progress with the software and will have some amazing new features for us in a few weeks time. At the moment though they provide a very easy way to upload training data to other portals so you can continue to track your running and triathlon fitness until they sort themselves out.

That about wraps up this TomTom Runner review. Check out the T2 pages for more information, including rumors of the upcoming multi-sport version (watch this space!)



Login or Register to comment. at the TCR Triathlon Show

The launch weekend at the TCR Triathlon Show was a huge success and we have compiled a list of our top 5 highlights of the weekend. We were lucky enough to meet a number of the world’s top triathletes, gain an insight into the latest training technology and try out the new season products and kit for 2012.

The RMT Team meet Chrissie Wellington!

We were lucky enough to meet the world’s most famous and successful female Triathlete Chrissie Wellington. That’s right, the four times Ironman World Champion! It was a memorable experience to be in the company of such a remarkable athlete who is also the model professional.

She was very friendly and we learnt that there is awful lot more about this great champion than just being incredibly good at Triathlon! Chrissie worked for the UK government for a number of years and also lived in Nepal for 16 months where she helped the local community working on water and sanitation projects!

The RMT team were very thankful to receive signed copies of her newly released autobiography. The book is an extraordinary story of ambition, determination and belief and a book which the RMT Team highly recommend for the Triathlete enthusiast. A truly inspiring athlete and individual! Exclusive Partnership with Newton, 2XU & GU

The weekend provided an opportunity for to reveal our partnership with the huge Triathlon brands 2XU, GU and Newton. We unveiled our launch competition which gives our new members the chance to win brand new 2012 season 2XU compression kindly provided by our sponsors.

We tried out the latest Newton running shoes and can support the claim that the Newton running shoe is currently worthy of its status as the best Triathlon running shoe available in the market! It was great to meet all of the 2XU, GU and Newton team and we are looking forward to developing the partnership with the exciting opportunities which lie ahead!

Meeting our Members!

 The TCR Triathlon Show was the perfect opportunity for us to meet our members. We were able to show off our website to hundreds of Triathlete enthusiasts from across the globe and were we overwhelmed with the positive response received!

It was great to hear your comments and feedback and we are constantly striving to improve the Triathlon experience which has to offer.

Testing the latest Triathlon Technology

The RMT Team met businesses offering the latest thinking and ideas in the world of Triathlon. We tested the latest innovative technology released to the Triathlon market in 2012.

Highlights included Nick having his swimming stroke analysed by video technology and Glen having his cycling technique scrutinised by computer software analysing heart rate and cadence.

Signing up for Ironman… again!

Ross from the RMT team signed up for Ironman UK during the weekend after being persuaded by a Director of our partnership brand 2XU!


The RMT Team would like to thank everyone who supported us during our launch weekend at the TCR Triathlon Show at Sandown!



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