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The launch weekend at the TCR Triathlon Show was a huge success and we have compiled a list of our top 5 highlights of the weekend. We were lucky enough to meet a number of the world’s top triathletes, gain an insight into the latest training technology and try out the new season products and kit for 2012.

The RMT Team meet Chrissie Wellington!

We were lucky enough to meet the world’s most famous and successful female Triathlete Chrissie Wellington. That’s right, the four times Ironman World Champion! It was a memorable experience to be in the company of such a remarkable athlete who is also the model professional.

She was very friendly and we learnt that there is awful lot more about this great champion than just being incredibly good at Triathlon! Chrissie worked for the UK government for a number of years and also lived in Nepal for 16 months where she helped the local community working on water and sanitation projects!

The RMT team were very thankful to receive signed copies of her newly released autobiography. The book is an extraordinary story of ambition, determination and belief and a book which the RMT Team highly recommend for the Triathlete enthusiast. A truly inspiring athlete and individual! Exclusive Partnership with Newton, 2XU & GU

The weekend provided an opportunity for to reveal our partnership with the huge Triathlon brands 2XU, GU and Newton. We unveiled our launch competition which gives our new members the chance to win brand new 2012 season 2XU compression kindly provided by our sponsors.

We tried out the latest Newton running shoes and can support the claim that the Newton running shoe is currently worthy of its status as the best Triathlon running shoe available in the market! It was great to meet all of the 2XU, GU and Newton team and we are looking forward to developing the partnership with the exciting opportunities which lie ahead!

Meeting our Members!

 The TCR Triathlon Show was the perfect opportunity for us to meet our members. We were able to show off our website to hundreds of Triathlete enthusiasts from across the globe and were we overwhelmed with the positive response received!

It was great to hear your comments and feedback and we are constantly striving to improve the Triathlon experience which has to offer.

Testing the latest Triathlon Technology

The RMT Team met businesses offering the latest thinking and ideas in the world of Triathlon. We tested the latest innovative technology released to the Triathlon market in 2012.

Highlights included Nick having his swimming stroke analysed by video technology and Glen having his cycling technique scrutinised by computer software analysing heart rate and cadence.

Signing up for Ironman… again!

Ross from the RMT team signed up for Ironman UK during the weekend after being persuaded by a Director of our partnership brand 2XU!


The RMT Team would like to thank everyone who supported us during our launch weekend at the TCR Triathlon Show at Sandown!



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Meet the RMT Team

Ross, Glen and Nick would like to introduce ourselves as the three founding members of


I pretty much fell into endurance sport whilst at university. I joined the uni athletics club and after realizing that I couldn’t run any faster I decided to go longer and turned to Triathlon instead. The training for me is almost more enjoyable than the racing itself and there is nothing that I enjoy more than running around a track with the local Tri club on a Wednesday evening.

The RMT 3!

“If someone gave you $1million dollars, what would you do with it?”

I would probably spend it on Olympic tickets as I am gutted to have missed out on any this year. £1,000,000 would probably only buy me one ticket to the opening ceremony though wouldn’t it!

“If You Weren’t A Triathlete what would you be?”

Triathlon is literally the only sport that I am any good at so if I didn’t Tri then I would probably just be very very large.

“What three words sum you up? (apart from swim, bike, run!)”

Couch to Tri.


I have been a sports fanatic all my life and ventured into the world of road cycling a few years ago. My passion for road cycling led me to embark on various spontaneous cycling excursions to Paris, Rome and Barcelona! After completing the New York Marathon in 2010 I stumbled across Nick and Ross at the 2011 Ironman UK and was taken in by the world of Triathlon!

The RMT 3!

“If someone gave you $1million, what would you do with it?”

I would venture on a cycle expedition round the world enjoying a 5 star lifestyle along the way!

“If you weren’t a Triathlete what would you be?”

I would be multilingual so I could enjoy my cycling adventure round the world!

“What three words sum you up? (apart from swim, bike, run!)”

Race. Rank. Respect!



I got into Triathlon at the end of 2010 and got addicted straight away! I set myself the challenge of completing the 2011 UK Ironman the next summer and managed to get over the line in one piece! Cycling was my favourite leg and I enjoyed nothing better than spending afternoon riding the Peak District.

The RMT 3!

“If someone gave you $1million, what would you do with it?”

I would buy a chalet in the French Alpes and have the best cycling routes in the world on my doorstep!

“If you weren’t a Triathlete what would you be?”

My second favourite sport is waterskiing so it would have to be that.

“What three words sum you up? (apart from swim, bike, run!)”

Addicted to Tri.


If you have any comments on feedback for the site please let us know by using the “Contact Us” tab above. The RMT team are more than happy to take your comments onboard to develop the experience!




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The team behind share one passion, Triathlon. Following another season of competing in a series of Triathlons which included Ironman UK, the RMT team contemplated about the idea of being able to rank our hard earned race times against the rest of the world.

We set our aim to create the “World’s first global Triathlon time adjustment rankings”.

The idea posed a number of obstacles such as different race distances, course difficulty and age of the competitor. The RMT team have been hard at work over the off season period to create the world’s first time adjustment Triathlon rankings system. The Rankings considers both the course difficulty and age category of the competitor to calculate a unique “RMT Time”.

The unique RMT time adjustment formula has been calculated using over 250,000 race results from round the globe! The rankings system caters for the four most universally recognised Triathlon race distances; “Sprint”, “Standard”, “Middle” and “Iron Distance”.

In addition to the global rankings, the RMT team set out to create the world’s leading online Triathlon community. The website includes an interactive forum, the latest product reviews, nutritional advice and top tips from pro Triathletes.

The RMT team would like to give you a massive welcome to the website and we hope you will sign up and start ranking your hard earned race times! We hope you enjoy and feel free to email the team with any feedback!



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New User? A Guide for allows you to rank your official triathlon races against the rest of the world

Follow these simple steps to get going!

1. Click the “LogIn” button on the right hand side of the Menu Bar on the home page of

2. Browse to the botton of the page and click on the Reigster button to create a new Profile

3. Follow the simple steps and then activate your account via the email address that you have provided

4. Once back on, navigate to your ‘User Profile’ on the Menu Bar

5. On the right hand side of your Profile, in the ‘Race Entry Information’ section, click to complete your registration

6. Use the right hand coloumn to enter your race times! Remember to use 00:00:00 format for race times and provide a link to your race result via the URL box.  Click submit!

7. Once submitted, your race times will appear on the ‘Race History’ section of your Profile. They will be “pending” until a member of the RMT Team has approved your time

8. Navigate to the ‘Rankings’ tables via the Menu Bar,  select your race distance from the four headings and see where you rank!

9. You can order the rankings by anything field you wish by clicking on the heading e.g. Bike, T1 etc. You can also you the search boxes on the left hand side.

10. For any additional questions see our FAQ page or Contact Us




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