New User? A Guide for

February 27, 2012 allows you to rank your official triathlon races against the rest of the world

Follow these simple steps to get going!

1. Click the “LogIn” button on the right hand side of the Menu Bar on the home page of

2. Browse to the botton of the page and click on the Reigster button to create a new Profile

3. Follow the simple steps and then activate your account via the email address that you have provided

4. Once back on, navigate to your ‘User Profile’ on the Menu Bar

5. On the right hand side of your Profile, in the ‘Race Entry Information’ section, click to complete your registration

6. Use the right hand coloumn to enter your race times! Remember to use 00:00:00 format for race times and provide a link to your race result via the URL box.  Click submit!

7. Once submitted, your race times will appear on the ‘Race History’ section of your Profile. They will be “pending” until a member of the RMT Team has approved your time

8. Navigate to the ‘Rankings’ tables via the Menu Bar,  select your race distance from the four headings and see where you rank!

9. You can order the rankings by anything field you wish by clicking on the heading e.g. Bike, T1 etc. You can also you the search boxes on the left hand side.

10. For any additional questions see our FAQ page or Contact Us


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