February 29, 2012

The team behind share one passion, Triathlon. Following another season of competing in a series of Triathlons which included Ironman UK, the RMT team contemplated about the idea of being able to rank our hard earned race times against the rest of the world.

We set our aim to create the “World’s first global Triathlon time adjustment rankings”.

The idea posed a number of obstacles such as different race distances, course difficulty and age of the competitor. The RMT team have been hard at work over the off season period to create the world’s first time adjustment Triathlon rankings system. The Rankings considers both the course difficulty and age category of the competitor to calculate a unique “RMT Time”.

The unique RMT time adjustment formula has been calculated using over 250,000 race results from round the globe! The rankings system caters for the four most universally recognised Triathlon race distances; “Sprint”, “Standard”, “Middle” and “Iron Distance”.

In addition to the global rankings, the RMT team set out to create the world’s leading online Triathlon community. The website includes an interactive forum, the latest product reviews, nutritional advice and top tips from pro Triathletes.

The RMT team would like to give you a massive welcome to the website and we hope you will sign up and start ranking your hard earned race times! We hope you enjoy and feel free to email the team with any feedback!

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