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Soleus GPS Fit 1.0

Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 ReviewWith Christmas fast approaching you may be looking for something to buy a budding new triathlete or someone who is contemplating entering their first tri. Triathlon kit is notorious for being expensive and is often such a personal choice that is can be difficult to know what to choose.

GPS watches are known for being overpriced, over complicated and more hassle then they are often worth. Soleus have responded to the plight of the masses by creating a no hassle entry level GPS watch that records all of your essential performance statistics but without the high price tag or steep learning curve of more expensive models

You can record your distance, time, pace and calories using the Soleus’s in built GPS sensor, without the complex calibration and customisation that higher end watches entail.

Your statistics are displayed in large type on the watch face and you can cycle through them quickly at the tap of a button and with the help of a bright backlight for low light level training.

You can also use the watch in cycling mode, whereby the pace statistic changed to speed, meaning that you can quickly jump between sports depending on specific training needs.

Although this is an entry level watch, there are still some impressive customisation options available. As well as the usual ability to switch between metric and imperial you can also change the auto lap settings to be between 1 km/mile and 5km/miles. Every time that you pas your chosen interval when out running or cycling, the Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 will automatically lap, allowing you to monitor your performance across specific distance intervals. The unit can contain up to 100 laps of data which can be accessed from the main menu for future review.

The Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 locates a GPS signal faster than some higher end watches and also offers an incredible battery life due to its simple screen. The unit is supplied with a USB charger that can boost the battery up to full capacity within a few hours, leaving you to worry about your training and not wether the watch is going to last through your next run or cycle.

No Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 review would be complete if we didn’t talk about price. At under $100 the watch is perhaps the best value for money training aid on the market and is perfect for anyone looking for something that will feed them accurate training information but without any of the frills or complications of watches like the Garmin Forerunner range. Perfect for new starters and technophobes alike this watch makes a great christmas present to kick off any new year training plan.

For more information and additional models see the Soleus website



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2XU New Summer Kit!

Editors Pick2XU are one of the most respected brands in the triathlon world. Chances are, if you have been training or competing for a few years then you will at some point have owned a 2XU piece of kit. Their wetsuits are known to be fast and durable, their cycle kit offers fantastic climate control and their compression kit offers second to none endurance and performance gains without sacrificing on comfort.

2UX have just released their much anticipated summer 2013 range and here at RMT we have picked a few of our favourites. Watch out for these products as they mean business!

All of the below ranges as well as more 2XU performance kit is available online from the B2p Triathlon Shop

2XU Competition Running Top

Run TopsThis short sleeved gem offers extreme climate control that is specific to each specific areas of your torso. Different regions of your body command different moisture management and therefore 2XU have engineered a top that keeps your cool when competing at your max. The fact that this top is incredibly stylish and built with flat-lock seams to minimise the potential for chaffing is an added bonus as anyone who has competed in the serious heat knows just how tough it is to stay comfortable as soon as your start sweating. Incredible moisture management, style and comfort is a winning combination in our eyes and is why we at RMT like this tee so much.

2XU Comp Short Sleeved Running Top

2XU Compression Tri Suit

Compression Tri SuitIf you were asked to name one of the things that 2XU do better than anyone else, chances are that you would mention compression. 2UX are one of the companies who realised the potential of compression kit before anyone else and they have been perfecting items that allow athletes to perform at the top of their game and recover quicker for longer than virtually anyone else. Their latest creation comes in the form of a high performance compression triathlon suit that has a few special properties. Made out of a special material called ICE X this tri suit actively works to cool your core body temperature when you exercise, keeping you calm and comfortable even in extreme conditions. Combined with powerful 70CD/CK fabric this suit supports and squeezes your active muscles, reducing both their load and lactic acid build up to keep you performing at you peak.

Compression Tri Suit






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Newton Sir Isaac Running Shoes

Sir IsaacThe Newton Sir Isaac Stability Guidance trainer offers flexibility and support whilst encouraging you run naturally and with greater efficiency. Built for those with mild pronation, the Sir Isaac offers a route into natural running for runners who have always had to stick to a conventional support shoe. Opening up a whole new world of natural running for complete beginners and experienced runners alike we have awarded this high performance shoe our editors choice award.

For those new to natural running a brief explanation is in order. Traditionally shoes have been built with a large amount of cushioning in the heel section. This originally was thought to protect the runner from the impact that running generates but a growing body of research suggests that it is this cushioning that actually causes the problem, not solves it. A larger heel means that it is this section of your foot that hits the ground first and acts as a giant break on your running, sending shock waves shooting through your lower body and causing the potential for long term injury.

In contrast, minimalist running shoes offer a smaller amount of cushioning in the heel and a flatter profile. This encourages the mid and front section of your foot to hit the ground first, resulting in a faster, smoother gait cycle with less of that nasty injury causing impact.

The Newton Sir Isaac shoes are built with a lower heel to toe offset compared to conventional shoes as well as less cushioning in the heel and several pronounced forefoot lugs. These features combined not only encourage you to run on your forefoot but act to propel you forward when running at high speeds.

As opposed to other natural shoes such as the Nike Free’s the Sir Isaacs offer some advanced stability features to keep your running natural whilst offering support and control. A mid foot shank offers support for your arch and stops pronation in its tracks whilst wider forefoot lugs give additional stability by offering a wider platform during landing and toe off.

Lightweight is the name of the game with all of Newton’s shoes. Advanced EVA materials mean that this shoe stays durable despite its flexibility whilst a breathable lightweight upper construct enhances that natural running feeling.

For more information on the Newton Sir Isaacs see the Newton Running website.




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Mizuno Wave Creation 13 Review

The Mizuno Wave Creation 13 is a premium neutral shoe that incorporates all of the top end technologies that Mizuno has to offer. Building on the success of its predecessor as a trainer that offers plush cushioning, responsive motion and a snug supportive fit, the Mizuno Wave creation is making real waves amongst the running community and is picking up some great reviews for its sheer comfort and performance for those runners with a tendency to heel strike. Stick around for this Wave Creation 13 review as we delve into the world of running shoe mechanics and take a look at some of the features that make it such a popular model.


The first thing that you notice when you first set eyes on the Creation is the distinctive wave pattern that runs along the length of the shoe. This plastic insert is the foundation that the trainer is built around and provides the secret to its fluid performance.

As in nature, impact is dispersed through the surrounding environment through transverse and lateral shock waves. Mizuno decided to build on this idea and created something that they like to call “Wave Technology.” This cleverly designed plastic insert called a Wave Plate, acts as a kind of suspension and gradually brings you foot under control as you heel strike. Instead of absorbing the shock that results from heel striking, the Wave Plate uses some of this every to propel you forward in one smooth, fluid motion, ensuring a seamless and fast ride.


Sticking with the theme of speed, the outsole of the shoe features two couplings called Flex Controllers. Instead of following natural running philosophy and making the shoe uncontrolled as possible, Mizuno have taken the Wave concept to a new level and made sure that none of speed that the shoe can generate is lost at any point in the gait cycle. The Flex controllers add an extra snap to your gait as you move to toe-off and ensure that as much energy as possible is translated into forward motion

Decoupling the midsole and the outsole on the heel and mid-foot area of the trainer has meant a weight saving that means this shoe is kept in line with the competition. If weight saving is your end goal then this probably isn’t the shoe for you but if you are after something that gives you a plush, cushioned and supported neutral ride then this should be high on your list.


Comfort is something that is important to ever runner and Mizuno have made some key additions to the Wave Creation 13 to ensure that they are highly suited to those with a tendency to heel strike. A complete redesign of the heel collar and Achilles bracket gives added support but with more freedom for heel flex. Lightweight and breathable mesh is a must in any trainer and the Creation has it in abundance, ensuring that your foot is kept climate controlled without sacrificing on fit.

No Mizuno Wave Creation 13 review would be complete without some serious opinion and so here as some passing thoughts from my brief encounter with the shoe. Mizuno have made some welcome improvements to their Creation line in the form of some weight savings as well as a redesign of the wave technology and heel support. If you have a tendency to heel strike then these trainers should be high on your shopping list as the wave technology acts to control your gait and protect you from impact whilst offering a very smooth transition from heel to toe. If you prefer something more natural then these are not the shoes for you as although some weight savings have been made with the 13, this is not a model that caters for those after a lightweight and flexible construct or a minimalist sole. This is a model that easily competes with Asics’ Nimbus 14 model, but whereas Asics have focused on cushioning, Mizuno have focused on speed and control as a way of minimizing your risk of injury and maintaining a smooth ride through the gait cycle.

More information is available on the Up and Running Website



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