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Motorola Motoactv GPS Watch

Motorola Motoactv GPS WatchThe Motorola Motoactv is the first watch to be created by the Electronics giant as they wade into the highly contested GPS running watch market.

Born from the runners desire to combine music and fitness, this is a watch that offers Itunes music playback, full colour GPS tracking and mobile phone connectivity in a one stop shop for any amateur runner.

Although it lacks the features of GPS watches such as the Garmin Forerunner 610 and 910, the Motorola GPS running watch is a fun way to track your fitness.

Anyone that has run with a GPS watch knows that the most important thing is that you can see your statistics, easily and as quickly as possible. Although some other watches can get this simple fact utterly wrong, Motorola seem to have hit this right on the head with their full colour and fully customisable display.  Not only can you change the various screens of training data but you can change the amount of training data on each page. The watch lets you quickly and easily chose between the following:

  1. Pace
  2. Speed
  3. Calories
  4. Distance
  5. Lap distance
  6. Heart Rate
  7. Average Pace
  8. Steps

You can also link the watch up to your bike so that you can display things like speed and pace whilst on the bike, 

Although the Motoactv is meant to be used for running, triathletes will be pleased to know that it also connects up to an array of bike and heart sensors for those more serious athletes.

As well as all the serious sports metric tracking the watch also offers some fun stuff as well. This Motorola Motoactv Review wouldn’t be much of a review if we didn’t talk about the fun stuff now would it!

As well as full running and cycling stats tracking you can also connect the watch up to your motorola Razer phone to receive text and call updates whilst you are training. This is great as it means that if you have your phone tucked away in your backpack whilst you are riding and cycling you can still access important calls and messages (not that you should be doing this on your bike though!)

As well as this phone connectivity you can connect the Motoactv to your Itunes account to sync all of your favourite running songs. You can even set one of your favourite songs to the special “power song” button. What this means is that when you are our running and fact a particularly nasty hill that you can play this song at the touch of a button for quick and easy power running boost.

The battery life of the Motoactv is the last thing that I am going to talk about in this Motorola Motoactv Review is it is the one thing that goes against this otherwise nifty little gadget. There are a couple of different modes of power saving that you can place the watch into, but the more that you economise on battery, the worse the accuracy becomes. You can set the GPS function on the watch to record one, two or even four seconds but this means that over longer distances your accuracy will be harmed



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Soleus GPS Fit 1.0

Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 ReviewWith Christmas fast approaching you may be looking for something to buy a budding new triathlete or someone who is contemplating entering their first tri. Triathlon kit is notorious for being expensive and is often such a personal choice that is can be difficult to know what to choose.

GPS watches are known for being overpriced, over complicated and more hassle then they are often worth. Soleus have responded to the plight of the masses by creating a no hassle entry level GPS watch that records all of your essential performance statistics but without the high price tag or steep learning curve of more expensive models

You can record your distance, time, pace and calories using the Soleus’s in built GPS sensor, without the complex calibration and customisation that higher end watches entail.

Your statistics are displayed in large type on the watch face and you can cycle through them quickly at the tap of a button and with the help of a bright backlight for low light level training.

You can also use the watch in cycling mode, whereby the pace statistic changed to speed, meaning that you can quickly jump between sports depending on specific training needs.

Although this is an entry level watch, there are still some impressive customisation options available. As well as the usual ability to switch between metric and imperial you can also change the auto lap settings to be between 1 km/mile and 5km/miles. Every time that you pas your chosen interval when out running or cycling, the Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 will automatically lap, allowing you to monitor your performance across specific distance intervals. The unit can contain up to 100 laps of data which can be accessed from the main menu for future review.

The Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 locates a GPS signal faster than some higher end watches and also offers an incredible battery life due to its simple screen. The unit is supplied with a USB charger that can boost the battery up to full capacity within a few hours, leaving you to worry about your training and not wether the watch is going to last through your next run or cycle.

No Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 review would be complete if we didn’t talk about price. At under $100 the watch is perhaps the best value for money training aid on the market and is perfect for anyone looking for something that will feed them accurate training information but without any of the frills or complications of watches like the Garmin Forerunner range. Perfect for new starters and technophobes alike this watch makes a great christmas present to kick off any new year training plan.

For more information and additional models see the Soleus website



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B2P Triathlon Starter Packs

Triathlon Starter PacksHere at RankMyTri we love anything that makes our training easier or the sport more accessible to beginners. Triathlon does not need to be a sport with high barriers to entry but unfortunately there is so much helpful (and not helpful) information out there that it can be difficult for even experienced triathletes to find the kit that they need, let alone new starters.

B2P triathlon shop (and club) have put together a starter triathlon pack that is a great way for anyone looking to complete their first triathlon to quickly find the right bits of kit that they need for a great price. The selection of kit that they provide in their starter pack represents such a good selection and such a good cost saving that this is quickly becoming one of our firm favourites.

The starter packs contain everything that you need to complete your first triathlon and the beauty of the kits are that because they have been put together by people with years of triathlon experience (and more than a few professional wins between them) they contain exactly the right kit to get you up and running. After all, the less time that you spend researching kit, the more time that you can spend training (in theory at least!)

Contained in the starter packs is the following:

  • Lapierre Audacio 200 Road Bike
  • 2XU T:2 Wetsuit
  • 2XU Comp Tri Suit
  • B2P Zoggs Swim Cap
  • 2XU Race Belt
  • 2XU Race Goggles
  • More Mile Lock Laces
  • Bell Fusion Sport Cycle Helmet
  • GU Energy Gels x6


The Lapierre Audacio 200 Road Bike is a fantastic entry level road bike that strikes a balance between reliability and value for money. Not only will you be able to cruise through the miles in comfort, but the components will easily outlast your first, second and probably third triathlon with ease! If you can see yourself becoming a triathlon addict then you even have the option of upgrading to a carbon bike for an additional charge.

Another essential and no less important piece of kit that is included in the package is the 2XU T:2 wetsuit. Winner of the trifinder ultimate performer award this high performing wetsuit is worth £230 by itself and provides speed, buoyancy and compression where other suits fall down.

You can purchase the starter triathlon packs either in store or on the B2P online shop for £999. This represents a saving of over £155 and with christmas fast approaching, stocks tend to run out quickly. Fitting and personalisation is carried out over the phone and delivery is to a mainland UK address. For more information see the Starter Triathlon Pack section of the B2p Website or call the shop directly on 01753 857 180 to speak to one of the highly trained team.





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An Interview with Ben Allen – Aussie Xterra Off-Road Champion

On athlete Ben Allen talks to RankMyTri about the exciting world of off road triathlon.

Lets start with the obvious question first, what draws you to XTERRA over conventional triathlons?

BEN: Xterra racing is awesome..! Xterra always put athlete’s safety and wellbeing first. Everyone is there to race hard, but also enjoy what the race has to offer, (e.i course, culture, facilities, community & friends) which creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Congratulations on your Triple Crown victory! What did you learn from Guam, Philippines and Saipan that you will take forward to Ogden and Maui?
BEN: Winning the Asian Xterra Triple Crown was absolutely amazing. The experienced I gained from all three races gave me the confidence, belief and fundamental skills to help me develop into a better overall Xterra athlete. I will be doing everything possible to stand on the top spot in Maui…

Some people say that XTERRA is a niche sport and therefore the quality of athlete isn’t up to standard – what would you say to these dissenters?
BEN: The sport of Xterra is for everyone from Pro’s to people would love the outdoors lifestyle. Just look at the 2011 World Championship pro field.? Lance Armstrong (7 time TDF Winner), 2008 Olympic Triathlon Gold Medalist Jan Fedino and past Xterra World Champions Conrad Stoltz, Meline McQuiad just to name a few.

Which single event stands out for you the most and why?
BEN: In 2011 I raced at 13 Xterra World Tour Races and each one showcases amazing community support, its wonderful environment/nature and the beautiful people/culture that makes it unique to hosting an Xterra Race.

For those readers thinking of making the plunge into XTERRA, is there an accessible route for those that just want to dip a toe into the world of off road triathlon?
BEN: Of course Xterra World Tour races offer not only the full distance 1.5 Swim/30 Mountain bike/10 trail run, but also encourages the short distance races 750 swim/15 Mountain bike/ 5 trail run and has trail running events, mountain bike races and relay or team events. Something for the whole family to participate in…

If you had one bit of training advice for those new to XTERRA what would it be?

BEN: Xterra Races are full of Hills, Mountains and steep climbs, so I would recommend adding in a hill rep session into your program, so that when it comes to race day you will be ready.



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