“RMT Pro of the Week” – Farris Al Sultan, Ironman Kona Champion!

March 1, 2012

Faris_AbuDhabi_2011_Swimming_2The RMT team are excited to announce that the first ever “RMT Pro of the Week” will be the 2005 Ironman Kona Champion, Farris Al Sultan. The RMT team discussed his training, career highlights and what the 2012 season holds in store for him…


“Take us through a typical week of training.”

There is no typical week but its all about cycling, running, swimming and gym.

“What are you excited about this coming season?”

Being able to prove that my run game is still there

“What kit could you just not do without and what bit of kit are you most looking forward to in 2012″

1. Storck Aero

2. My bike

3. Oakley Sunglasses

4. Pearl Izumi custom race briefs – what would I be without those!

“What was the best three bits of training advice you were ever given?”

1. “Be patient with the cycling” – Peter Reid 1997 in Lanzarote at the bike wash after the race.

2. “Check your bike before the race, every screw, tyres etc.” - Thomas Hellriegel

3. “Ice the balls if it is very hot” – Jason Metters


“What is your pre-race week training and nutrition like?”

Usually 50% training time of the previous training block training time.

Carbs but nothing crazy no Saltin diet no crazy carbloading, the night before the race I usually have a high carb after dinner snack like dry cake or cookies etc

“Do you have any unique race rituals?”

Other than armswinging, for warm up, and rubbing of hands preferably with sand, for “grip” in the water, no

“Is there a part of a race that you really don’t look forward to and how do you deal with it?”

The bike start as I can’t switch so fast between swimming and cycling.I try to train it or to race a lot both helps and I pray that the others don’t start so hard.

“People say that you have to race your own race, do you?”

People always influence your racing but I’m best when I can focus on myself and my performance. But nowadays with groups becoming more bigger and more important at some races especially Hawaii performance of others becomes even more a factor.

The RMT 3!

“If you weren’t a triathlete what would you be?”

Army Officer

“If someone gave you $1million, what would you do with it?”

I’m boring, house, car, parties.

“What three words sum you up? (apart from swim, bike, run!)”

Eat, talk, suffer.

Thanks from the RMT team 

A great insight into the life and mindset of an Ironman Kona Champion! The RMT team would like to thank Farris Al Sultan for being the first ever “RMT Pro of the Week” and wish him all the best for 2012! Visit us again next week for an exclusive interview with a new Pro Triathlete!

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