The Loxley Suspension Trainer Review

Strength training is essential for any triathlete and it does more than just prevent injury. In an endurance event, power is crucial for performance and Suspension Training is one of the best ways to improve.

Using a Suspension Trainer is a perfect tool for strength training. Any movement performed on a Loxley Suspension Trainer requires you to stabilise your abs and use your own bodyweight as resistance.

This review is on behalf of Loxley Sports. A fresh new sports brand in the North East of England who provide great quality products at great prices.

In The Box


1 x Main Trainer Straps
1 x Door Anchor
1 x Strap Extender
1 x Meshed Carry Bag
1 x Instruction Guide
1 x Door Warning Sign

First thing I noticed was the quality, it felt strong and safe which is important if you’re going to be hanging from it! It was extremely easy to set-up as a guide was provided. You also get a free meshed carry bag so you can conveniently take it wherever you go.

The trainer handles felt really good quality. They’re made of strong durable foam so they felt very comfortable. I’ve used other brands before and their handles were made of rubber. This seemed ok at first but after a while it becomes uncomfortable and if you have sweaty palms like me, your hands will feel like they’re going to slip. Not with the Loxley Suspension Trainer though, their handles felt great and really safe.

A door anchor is provided for indoor use and a strap extender for outdoor use. The change over is really easy to perform as you use a metal bracket. Again, some brands use plastic brackets which don’t feel as safe as the Loxley brand.

What Does Suspension Training Do For You

Suspension Training is a fast and effective total body workout. It builds your muscular endurance as well as strengthening your core muscles. The Loxley Suspension Trainer also provides a number of other benefits including:

• Fast and effective total body workout
• Builds muscular endurance
• For indoor and outdoor Use
• Benefits people of all fitness levels

The advantage of Suspension Training is that you’re in control of everything you do. Simply change the position of your feet to make each exercise easier or harder. By stabilising your own bodyweight, you’re activating multiple muscle groups at the same time.

There are 100’s of exercises you can perform on the Loxley Suspension Trainer including:

• Chest Press
• Suspended Push Up
• Angled Row
• Bicep Curl

The Loxley Suspension Trainer retails at only £44.95. Please use ‘RANKMYTRI10’ to receive 10% off your order.

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