Newton Sir Isaac Running Shoes

Sir IsaacThe Newton Sir Isaac Stability Guidance trainer offers flexibility and support whilst encouraging you run naturally and with greater efficiency. Built for those with mild pronation, the Sir Isaac offers a route into natural running for runners who have always had to stick to a conventional support shoe. Opening up a whole new world of natural running for complete beginners and experienced runners alike we have awarded this high performance shoe our editors choice award.

For those new to natural running a brief explanation is in order. Traditionally shoes have been built with a large amount of cushioning in the heel section. This originally was thought to protect the runner from the impact that running generates but a growing body of research suggests that it is this cushioning that actually causes the problem, not solves it. A larger heel means that it is this section of your foot that hits the ground first and acts as a giant break on your running, sending shock waves shooting through your lower body and causing the potential for long term injury.

In contrast, minimalist running shoes offer a smaller amount of cushioning in the heel and a flatter profile. This encourages the mid and front section of your foot to hit the ground first, resulting in a faster, smoother gait cycle with less of that nasty injury causing impact.

The Newton Sir Isaac shoes are built with a lower heel to toe offset compared to conventional shoes as well as less cushioning in the heel and several pronounced forefoot lugs. These features combined not only encourage you to run on your forefoot but act to propel you forward when running at high speeds.

As opposed to other natural shoes such as the Nike Free’s the Sir Isaacs offer some advanced stability features to keep your running natural whilst offering support and control. A mid foot shank offers support for your arch and stops pronation in its tracks whilst wider forefoot lugs give additional stability by offering a wider platform during landing and toe off.

Lightweight is the name of the game with all of Newton’s shoes. Advanced EVA materials mean that this shoe stays durable despite its flexibility whilst a breathable lightweight upper construct enhances that natural running feeling.

For more information on the Newton Sir Isaacs see the Newton Running website.


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