2XU New Summer Kit!

Editors Pick2XU are one of the most respected brands in the triathlon world. Chances are, if you have been training or competing for a few years then you will at some point have owned a 2XU piece of kit. Their wetsuits are known to be fast and durable, their cycle kit offers fantastic climate control and their compression kit offers second to none endurance and performance gains without sacrificing on comfort.

2UX have just released their much anticipated summer 2013 range and here at RMT we have picked a few of our favourites. Watch out for these products as they mean business!

All of the below ranges as well as more 2XU performance kit is available online from the B2p Triathlon Shop

2XU Competition Running Top

Run TopsThis short sleeved gem offers extreme climate control that is specific to each specific areas of your torso. Different regions of your body command different moisture management and therefore 2XU have engineered a top that keeps your cool when competing at your max. The fact that this top is incredibly stylish and built with flat-lock seams to minimise the potential for chaffing is an added bonus as anyone who has competed in the serious heat knows just how tough it is to stay comfortable as soon as your start sweating. Incredible moisture management, style and comfort is a winning combination in our eyes and is why we at RMT like this tee so much.

2XU Comp Short Sleeved Running Top

2XU Compression Tri Suit

Compression Tri SuitIf you were asked to name one of the things that 2XU do better than anyone else, chances are that you would mention compression. 2UX are one of the companies who realised the potential of compression kit before anyone else and they have been perfecting items that allow athletes to perform at the top of their game and recover quicker for longer than virtually anyone else. Their latest creation comes in the form of a high performance compression triathlon suit that has a few special properties. Made out of a special material called ICE X this tri suit actively works to cool your core body temperature when you exercise, keeping you calm and comfortable even in extreme conditions. Combined with powerful 70CD/CK fabric this suit supports and squeezes your active muscles, reducing both their load and lactic acid build up to keep you performing at you peak.

Compression Tri Suit




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