B2P Triathlon Starter Packs

Triathlon Starter PacksHere at RankMyTri we love anything that makes our training easier or the sport more accessible to beginners. Triathlon does not need to be a sport with high barriers to entry but unfortunately there is so much helpful (and not helpful) information out there that it can be difficult for even experienced triathletes to find the kit that they need, let alone new starters.

B2P triathlon shop (and club) have put together a starter triathlon pack that is a great way for anyone looking to complete their first triathlon to quickly find the right bits of kit that they need for a great price. The selection of kit that they provide in their starter pack represents such a good selection and such a good cost saving that this is quickly becoming one of our firm favourites.

The starter packs contain everything that you need to complete your first triathlon and the beauty of the kits are that because they have been put together by people with years of triathlon experience (and more than a few professional wins between them) they contain exactly the right kit to get you up and running. After all, the less time that you spend researching kit, the more time that you can spend training (in theory at least!)

Contained in the starter packs is the following:

  • Lapierre Audacio 200 Road Bike
  • 2XU T:2 Wetsuit
  • 2XU Comp Tri Suit
  • B2P Zoggs Swim Cap
  • 2XU Race Belt
  • 2XU Race Goggles
  • More Mile Lock Laces
  • Bell Fusion Sport Cycle Helmet
  • GU Energy Gels x6


The Lapierre Audacio 200 Road Bike is a fantastic entry level road bike that strikes a balance between reliability and value for money. Not only will you be able to cruise through the miles in comfort, but the components will easily outlast your first, second and probably third triathlon with ease! If you can see yourself becoming a triathlon addict then you even have the option of upgrading to a carbon bike for an additional charge.

Another essential and no less important piece of kit that is included in the package is the 2XU T:2 wetsuit. Winner of the trifinder ultimate performer award this high performing wetsuit is worth £230 by itself and provides speed, buoyancy and compression where other suits fall down.

You can purchase the starter triathlon packs either in store or on the B2P online shop for £999. This represents a saving of over £155 and with christmas fast approaching, stocks tend to run out quickly. Fitting and personalisation is carried out over the phone and delivery is to a mainland UK address. For more information see the Starter Triathlon Pack section of the B2p Website or call the shop directly on 01753 857 180 to speak to one of the highly trained team.



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