Specialized Allez Sport Bike Review


Specialized Allez SportThe Specialized Allez Sport is a bike designed for speed; its 18 gears serve to increase speed on all surfaces, and the compact sport design means that you will glide through the air rather than be held back by resistance. Although the main purpose of the bike is for racing, you will find that its aluminium crown and body will give you the very best speed when commuting to work or simply riding for pleasure on the weekend.

Positioning is something that cyclists look out for when purchasing a new bike, and the Allez Sport will not let you down in this area. The saddle is comfier than previous models, and your overall position is designed to provide the best performance without compromising a pleasant ride. You should note that the saddle isn’t designed for comfort, and that the focus of the saddle design is on sports – if you want a leisure bike, then you may want to find something with a slightly wider and more padded saddle, although the one included is comfortable for this type of bike.

One issue that does come with the Allez Sport, however, is its pedals. The pedals are of an older style, meaning that some will find them harder to use than other comparative models available on the market. They are easily replaced, although for the price of this bike you may resent having to pay more for a set of replacement pedals.

Some cyclists who are taller than most find some bikes are not suited to their build. This bike is an exception: with a range of sizes, an XL will comfortably fit a man of 6’3”. Similarly the toe clips are well-suited to those with larger feet; size 12 shoes won’t get caught up in the motion of the bike, unlike some other models.

Assembly of this model is easy and surprisingly fast, which may be a good feature for those who are inexperienced in putting a bike together out of a box. If you want to tailor the bike to suit your needs, then small adjustments can be made, but this will only really apply to cyclists who want to get the very most out of their bike, not the average everyday user.

For the price of the bike, what you are getting is very good value for money. All bikes have their slight downsides, and on this it seems to be the pedal arrangement. With that being said, however, the model seems to be just as efficient as similar bikes while including a very sleek design.

In all honesty, the Specialized Allez Sport doesn’t provide much that other bikes in a similar price bracket do. The main reason that it stands out, though, is its beautiful design and the quality the you know comes with the Specialized label; you know you can trust the brand, so go with the Allez Sport. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned cyclist, if you are looking for a high-performing bike then look no further.

Available at Chain Reaction Cycles 

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