Asics Nimbus 14 Review

Available at Chain Reaction Cycles

The Asics Nimbus 14 is the latest model in one of the worlds most popular running shoe lines. This Asics Nimbus 14 review is going to take a quick look at what new features this trainer has to offer as well as explaining why we think this is the best choice for a cushioned running trainer for anyone who would consider themselves a “plodder”

The Nimbus 14 has a few important new technologies that have completely transformed the way that it handles out on the road or trail. To start with, it has an outsole made from a more durable and grippy compound that provides traction in all but the worst of conditions. If you aren’t sure what kind of surface you are going to be training on then stick with the footware that you know can cope in any condition.

Second but by no means any less important is the weight saving that Asics have managed to achieve with this new model. A lower mid section as well as a new style heel cup has meant that the company has managed to not only save another 1/4 oz in weight but also they have created a more flexible shoe. This new found flexibility is also a direct result of the new de-coupled sole that makes up the inner of the trainer – adding flexible yet supportive structure to the shoe.

Cushioning is the name of the game when it comes to the Nimbus 14 and no review would be complete unless we talked a little about the main reason why this model is so popular with runners and triathletes the world over. Gel cushioning has been added to the heel and mid sections of the footwear in ample quantities and if they managed to fit any more in there then it would be like running on a bouncy castle! This gel cushioning is why we think that the Asics Nimbus 14 is a great shoe for heavier runners who tend to heel strike as the extra cushioning combined with the Guidance line technology (featuring in most high end Asics trainers) means that you are better protected from the impact that running cased every time your foot hits the road or trail.

One last addition to this new model is the new style heel cup. This is an important addition as it changes the entire fit of the model. This was a risky strategy as the Nimbus line is known for its sock like fit and is why many runners have chosen this trainer year after year. However the risk seems to have paid off as the mouldable heel cup and ankle support give the shoe a personalised fit and feel which improves comfort and keeps this trainer glued to your foot throughout your entire run.

Available at Chain Reaction Cycles

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