Triathlon Supplements

Triathlon Supplements
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When you first think of supplements then running and triathlon are not the first sports that spring to mind. Traditionally associated with weight lifting and professional bodybuilding supplements are becoming common place in most sports as athletes look to hone their skills, improve their game and improve their fitness to stay one step ahead of the competition.

So what supplements are proving popular and how can they help improve your running and triathlon race times?

Pre Race – Creatine

Creatine is widely taken by bodybuilders who are looking to improve their strength. Studies in the endurance sport space have focused on the direct impact that creatine can have on performance and has largely been inconclusive. However it is the indirect impact on performance where creatine comes into its own.

Creatine is responsible for replenishing the ATP used by the body for anaerobic energy when you are exercising at close to your maximum intensity. Although creatine does not make you faster, it can help replenish ATP stores and therefore you can exercise at close to your maximum intensity more often as you recover quicker. This is why runners, rowers and triathletes use the supplement when they are undertaking an intervals session as being able to complete more reps has a direct impact on their future race performance.

During The Race – Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are probably the most widely available nutrition product available and they are not only commonplace in triathlon and endurance sports but they are also very necessary for most people.

Energy drinks such as SIS body fuel are a great way of delivering easily digestible carbohydrates to your body during a race. This sustains performance and lets you race harder for longer

Post Race  Recovery Drinks

Many triathletes and endurance athletes forget about post race nutrition but truth be told this is probably one of the most important areas of nutrition when it comes to training. If you can recover quicker than your competitors then you can complete more training sessions to the best of our ability in a shorter space of time and all other things being equal will improve faster than your rivals.

Recovery drinks contain a blend of carbohydrates and protein to not only provide you with fuel but also to built your muscles after an intense training session.

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