Asics 1080 Gel Review

This article was kindly contributed by Michael Finnigan 

The Asics 1080 Gel trainer is part of the acclaimed 1000 range. They’re exactly the same as the 1070s but with a few cosmetic changes. The best thing about the Asics 1080s is the gel inserts in the heel and forefoot of the shoe that makes running more comfortable and will help you avoid injury. They have been designed for moderate over pronators and the midsole give extra support to help with stability on the road.

My first month in these shoes felt like running on air. Five months down the line, however, they had lost their bounce. That’s not bad for a pair of shoes that cost around £65. My pair are white, have the classic Asics logo along the side which is intermixed with reflective silver material although I doubt this serves any purpose other than aesthetic.

I have completed one triathlon in my 1080 running shoes and they performed perfectly. It was early in their lifespan though. So if you’re in the market for a BUDGET trainer. These aren’t a bad place to start.



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