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An essential bit of kit for any triathlete is your tri suit. The tri suit is unlike all other kit in that you will be wearing it throughout the whole of your triathlon. If you race Iron distances, then this is a long time to wear one bit of kit! A tri suit has to have many features in order to make it good. It needs adequate compression, little water retention, conformability, storage for nutrition, enough breathability and style of course! The RMT team got their hands on three of the best and put the suits through their paces.

2XU Mens Endurance Tri Suit

2XU are known for their great aesthetics and this suit is no different. It looks the best out the three suits with its subtle and fast style.  There are a lot of trisuits on the market but the RMT team are all agree that this product is the best looking. All the 2XU tri suits come with their special SMD MESH fabric, but the endurance suit has the additional SMD Cool fabric adding a lightweight finish and high UV performance.  This all seemed a bit unnecessary but you can really feel the lightness in the suit.  It also boast great stretch memory feature which means the more you wear it, the more comfortable it becomes.

Unlike some of the tri suits we have used in the past, the 2XU gives an adequate amount of compression, not too much and not too little, reducing the onset of muscle fatigue. This is a great feature and usually underrated when trying on a tri suit.

One thing that is a must in our eyes is to have three pockets at the back of the tri suit. This gives you flexibility and means you aren’t searching around for that bar instead of the gel! This 2XU has three pockets of decent size, another little annoyance in other tri suits that only have two pockets.

The other mean feature of a tri suit is the chamois. Using an Italian chamois optimised for short and long courses (not sure how) it is said to provide support on the bike and on the run. I would say it needed a little more support for those long rides, but I like a lot of cycle support at the backend of a long 100km+ cycles! During the run, it excelled with hardly noticing the chamois.

Overall a great looking product that is top of the tri suits. Special feature includes the MESH fabric keeping core temperature optimised.

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Skins Compression Tri Suit - TRI400

The tri suit offering from Skins provides gradient compression, strategically placed throughout the suit. Now, to add some context here, compression helps to give more oxygen to the blood on race day. It inhibits muscle vibration and restricts muscle vibration.  This might pose the question of whether this suit is too tight; it is not. It tightens in the right muscle areas leaving you feeling great to breathe, saving a nightmare on race day!

We all find that some compression gear in the market is too tight, but this offering from Skins is perfect, how does it do this? The new Skins TRI400 uses in-motion measurement to define the correct levels of compression on the right muscles, just when you need it. A Memory MX Triweb panel down the spine and around the obliques helps prove unrestricted movement.

Apparently 1000’s of hour of testing has gone into the triathlon-specific Elastic Interface chamois which gives excellent support of the ride, however, you can feel its presence on the run which is little off putting.

The RMT team did a drying test to see which trisuit dried quickest out the water and onto a bike. The Skins kit came first, which is down the non-absorbent foam technology. It also boasts all-way stretch technology meaning great movement allowance when in the transition zones for a compression suit.

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