Asics GEL Cirrus33 Review

The Asics Gel Cirrus33 is the latest shoe from Asics’ 33 concept running shoe line.

Asics GEL Cirrus33 Bridging the gap between conventional running shoes and natural running shoes, the Cirrus33 incorporates a plush gel cushioning system never before seen in an Asics trainer as well as features that encourage you to run smoothly and more naturally.

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The past decade has been dominated by what we have come to know as conventional running shoes, many of which are still finding favour with runners all over the world. Recently, focus has shifted towards styles of running that encourage a more natural way of running as such styles reduce the amount of impact that running generates and therefore has the potential to reduce the potential for impact related injuries.

New natural running shoes range enormously in design, fit and feel but they all have a few things in common. A flatter profile encourages mid foot striking and a smooth transition throughout the gait cycle. This is in direct contrast to conventional types that in their aim to soak up as much impact with a thick heel, actually encourage the high impact that they seek to prevent.

Many running shoe brands were quick to develop natural running shoes that were more flexible and had flatter heels but Asics were surprisingly reluctant to enter the fray, relying instead on their 11 years of running experience to keep hold of the  of runners that have grown up with the shoes that they know and Love.

Recently however, Asics have brought their 11 years of experience to the field of natural running and although they haven’t created something that resembles the low healed shoes that we have come to know as truley natural shoes, they have created something of  a hybrid.

Light and flexible the Asics GEL Cirrus33 is a perfect choice for those looking to make the jump to a more natural trainer without going the full distance of something like the Virbam’s or Newtons.

The sole of the Cirrus33 has been built with Asics’ Guidance Line technology which decouples the heel, mid and forefoot from each other and lets the trainer flow more naturally through the gait cycle. This means that the Cirrus33 is incredibly flexible and responsive, giving you a more natural and fluid ride that feels one step closer to barefoot running.

As this is a hybrid shoe there are some features that seem more at place on one of the conventional shoe lines such as the Kayano or 2160. A new and improved gel cushioning system features down the entire sole, giving you more protection than ever agains the injury causing impact that running generates.

Additional features that only appear on Asics high end lines include the Impact Guidance System and Personalised Heel Fit. The Impact Guidance System keeps your foot flowing naturally down the line of the shoe to minimise energy waste from lateral shoe deformation and to keep your running efficiently. The Personalised Heel Fit is a mouldable foam heel plug that wraps around your heel to give a bespoke fit for every runner.

Asics GEL Cirrus33 Review Summary

The Asics GEL Cirrus33 is a shoe that crosses the bridge between natural running and conventional running shoes. Perfect for those triathletes who want to make the jump to a more flexible trainer but without sacrificing on cushioning the Cirrus 33 is a light, flexible and responsive high performing choice of trainer.

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