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It is widely reported that the bit of kit that you will see the most benefit from time wise are aero bars. From beginners to elites, aero bars allow the cyclist to get in an aerodynamic shape on the bike allowing less drag and therefore a fastest bike split. They essentially tuck your body in making in more narrow meaning the air has less effect on you.

As standard in the RMT reviews, we will be reviewing three products of different price ranges.  Amongst other specialist features for aero bars, we will be reviewing for comfort (both on hands and body position), ease of set up and design quality.

Token Alloy Aero Clip-on Bars


We start with the cheapest in the range; Token’s offering, that you can find in most online retailers.  As the cheapest, it does not look too fancy and doesn’t have a plethora of features. However, aero bars have one main function: to make your body as aerodynamic as possible and this product definitely gives you that. We can’t really put this product down, although it isn’t carbon fibre and doesn’t have several options for your hands/forearms to rest on; it is a good product that ticks the box.


This fully allow frame fits on the bike like a light would so no problems there, and the box comes with enough different sizes rubber bits for any size bike frame. If you’re looking for that extra bit of speed on the bike but don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a new wheel set or chain set, than this aero bar would put you in good stead.  They are also very easily adjusted as it does take a while to find out which angle suits your riding style best.

Avaliable at Chain Reaction Cycles


Profile Design T2+ Alloy Aero Road Bars


Now we start to get a bit more serious with regards to pricing, but also features and quality of product.  Profile are a serious brand in the world of aero bars and we think these bars look great as well. The bars have an aluminium ‘S-Bend’ extension that are designed for a more aggressive riding style, mainly due to the J  bracket giving a lower riding option; you can really notice this when switching from the Token bars.  These bar feel strong and sturdy, but also lightweight at the same time.  The S-bend is adjustable for length, width and rotation.

Everything is just that little easier on the Profile bars and a lot more adjustable. Spending hours adjusted kit gets frustrating, so it is nice to get something feeling right quickly so you can get out and ride! If you are looking to spend a little bit more for quality, than look no further.

Avaliable at Chain Reaction Cycles


Vision TriMax Carbon Integrated Flat Bar J-Bend


Now, at RMT, we have all been guilty of wanting the best in range. We have lost count the number of times we’ve spent a bit more than we were expecting to just to get that extra feature; if this is you, then you will likely be draw to this piece of beauty.   The Vision Trimax Semi-Integrated Flat Bar is an awesome product with a load of features.  First of all its carbon, so therefore less weight. It also has a 0 degree flat wing for that extra option when riding fast which is surprisingly comfortable (it doesn’t look it). The arm plates have 6 positions they can be placed in and really are very nice on the forearms, this feature is a great advance on the other two.

Apparently these bars have been wind tunnel tested, so expect good performance from them. They are a great set of aero bars that will have everyone on the bike jealous, but might not be worth the high price if you can drag yourself away!

Avaliable at Chain Reaction Cycles

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