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Triathlon Starter Packs

Are you new to triathlon, looking to make the switch to one of the worlds fastest growing endurance sports or maybe are just overwhelmed by the shear amount of kit to choose from before you have even put foot to tarmac? B2P’s triathlon starter packs give you all of the essentials that you need to start training at a saving of over £240!


Training is hard enough without having to put to figure out which forks are worth upgrading to or which wetsuit to buy. B2P sports shop has done all of the hard work for you and has put together a package that will take you from your very first steps of training right through to your first race and beyond.

Working on your behalf to arrange for never before seen discounts from the likes of 2XU and GU Energy, the team at B2P have combined their years of combined triathlon experience with their industry contacts to build a killer package for the first time triathlete that can be fitted and tailored to your needed in store or online.

The B2P starter packs include:

Lapierre Audacio 200 Road Bike
2XU T:2 Wetsuit
2XU Comp Tri Suit
B2P Zoggs Swim Cap
2XU Race Belt
2XU Race Goggles
More Miles Lock Laces
Cratoni Xenon Helmet
GU Energy Gels x6

For full details check out the B2P website but this is what the RankMyTri team think of the package:

Lapierre Audacio 200 Road Bike

An incredibly lightweight and versatile bike for its price, the Lapierre Audacio 200 is a popular choice for triathletes as its emphasis is on reliable durable components that will see you though from day one to the day of your triathlon.

2XU Comp Tri Suit

The 2XU Comp Tri Suit is a comfortable suit that offers mild compression as well as advanced wicking. Eventually you will need a range of tri suits that work with your racing style as well as the climate that you are racing with but the 2XU comp suit will still for the cornerstone of your training wardrobe for years to come.

2XU T:2 Wetsuit

This prizewinning wetsuit is a £220 piece of kit in itself and is a steal in this beginner package. Made out of advanced well fitting fabrics this is a suit that is made for flexibility and buoyancy.

GU Energy Gels

Start your race nutrition early with six GU energy gels from one of the worlds most well known race nutrition companies.

2XU Race Belt

Something that many triathletes forget about until the day before their first race, the starter kit has you covered with this 2XU race belt.

Cratoni Xenon Helmet

Light and airy this is probably the most essential bit of kit that you will ever buy! You cant race without one and you shouldn’t be training without one either!

For more information and detailed specs of this triathlon starter pack, head to B2p Sports



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Zoot Ultra Speed 2.0 Running Shoe

The Zoot Speed 2.0 is a cutting edge, triathlon specific running shoe that not only looks fast, but has a fast ride. Zoot Sports have produced a long line of innovative, technology induced products and this shoe is no different.

First thing you notice when opening the box is how light this shoe is. It is super lightweight at only 209g. Straight out the box and the trainer easily slides on, comfortably fitting around your foot thanks to the UltraFit feature; this is second thing you notice. With no laces to play with, it quickly comes off and on using the upper stretchy tab saving those crucial seconds.

These trainers are ideal to try sockless running. It gives you that great feeling of running free and saves that extra couple of seconds in transition. In the words of Zoot “Using our deep knowledge of fabrics and compression, we built a men’s triathlon running shoe that makes transition a breeze”. Many times have I tried to put on my L and R labelled £15 socks and got them on the wrong way!

The Zoot Speed 2.0 is probably best used for your A and B short races to give you that extra boost on the day. The Zoot’s feel fast, this is due to the carbon Span+ to guide your foot to a powerful toe off. Even when running long distances (over 10km) this trainer still breathes well and doesn’t get too moist.

Although this trainer has been designed for the neutral runner, Zoot Sports have several other trainers that appeal to all sorts of running types. For those of you wondering what running style is, it is the way you strike your foot when you run. ‘Neutral’ pronation may be described as an ideal running strike where the foot pronates with proper timing meaning your feet utilise their natural cushioning. This all essentially gives you a ideal running strike!

Back to the Speed 2.0! Right; style. These trainers look slick to say the least. Ever heard of trainer-envy? That will be a thing of the past as you sprint past other triathletes with them staring at your Zolt coloured soles wishing they had a pair! The RMT team all loved the way these trainer looked.

Overall this trainer is a great buy for those looking for style, speed and 21st century technology. It comes as no surprise that this product is at the top of the Chain Reaction sellers so get yours now before they sell out! At a very reasonable price for the spec off shoe, it is also good value for money.

Available at Chain Reaction Cycles

Specs -

  • Weight: 6.9oz/209g
  • Midsole Heights: 17mm/7mm
      • Size: 7-12, 13, 14
      • Color: Zoot Blue/Black/Volt
      • Fabric:
        • Men’s triathlon running shoe with carbon Span+ to guide your foot to a powerful toe off
        • UltraFit upper for unmatched comfort
        • ZVA between you and the road for a smooth ride


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