Met Road Elite Series Cycle Helmets

2012 Road Elite Series - Stradivarius Ultimalite and Inferno Ultimalite

Choosing a racing helmet is one of the most important decisions any triathlete will make. Striking the balance between protection, weight and cost is easier said than done as some protective helmets tend to be restrictive, weighty and uncomfortable, making those long endurance races feel much longer than they should be.

On the flip side, wearing a helmet that came free with your first kid’s bike back in 1960 and had more dents in it than your first car is not very practical either, and what may look like a sturdy piece of protection may in fact provide no more protection than a party hat!


One range of helmets that ticks all the boxes in terms of safety, performance and cost if the Met 2011 Road Elite Series. This high performing range features two cycle helmet designs, the Stradivarius Ultimalite and the Inferno UL and each has been designed with the high mileage competitive road cyclist or triathlete in mind

Stradivarius Ultimalite

At only 245g this helmet is one of the lightest in its class whilst still striking an optimum balance between protection and performance.

The UltimaLite Fibre that the helmet is made from is a material exclusive to Met and allows them to produce outstandingly light helmets that can still handle all the high impact crashes that are all too common at elite level cycling. This material allows the helmet to be constructed with high amounts of ventilation, keeping your head cool as well as protected.

The Stradivarius Ultimalite also features two pieces of technology that seek to improve the fit and feel of the helmet during long rides. The Safe-T X Fit System allows the weight of the helmet to be distributed across a wider area of your skull and ensures for a comfortable fit no matter what position you ride in. The Gel 02 Front Padding strips that connect the helmet to your head are the first of the kind and mould to the shape of your skull whilst staying cool and breathable when your temperature skyrockets.

Inferno Ultimalite

Again, at 245g this is one of the lightest professional grade helmets available for under £100/$160.


The Inferno Ultimalite is constructed from the same material as the Stradivarius Ultimate which allows its high ventilated and light constructs whilst maintaining durability and protection.

The main difference between the Inferno Ultimalite and the Stravarius Ultimalite is that the Inferno does not incorporate the seat wicking and head cooling gel pads on the lining of the helmet so your choice should be around whether or not the environments that you ride in dictate that you need the extra cooling power of the Stravarius.

Both helmets incorporate detachable washable pads to ensure that you helmets stay fresh and also have adjustable Kevlar straps to ensure security when it comes to fit.

Both helmets are available at Chain Reaction Cycles.

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