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Mavic Pro 2012 Road Shoes

Available at Chain Reaction CyclesMavic Pro Road Cycling Shoes 2012

Mavic are widely known for their high end road bike shoes and the Pro Road shoes are no exception.

Lunched at the beginning of the 2012, the new show line has grown in popularity due to its high foot to pedal power transfer, stiff construction, low weight and high comfort.

Developed in conjunction with the Lagardere Racing de France team, these shoes have been born from competitive cycling and Mavic have incorporated a number of advanced technologies into their Pro Road shoes that have been driven straight from the athletes that use their products to perform at the top of their game.

Energy Full Carbon Outsole

This is one of the key components of the shoe and are what gives its formidable reputation for speed (as well as its high price tag). A thin carbon and titanium plate makes for efficient energy transfer due to its stiffness, whilst remaining lightweight and responsive.

Energy Lock

Another feature that has been bourn straight from the pro racing circuit is the Energy Lock system. This lightweight structure holds your foot in place within the shoe and ensures that maximum energy is being transferred through your foot to the pedal without any superfluous lateral movement.

Ergo Fit 2D

Perhaps the most important feature of the shoe in terms of comfort is the Ergo Fit 2D insole. This later in the shoe has been designed not only to cradle your foot but also ensures that there are no pressure points that could cause discomfort considering the ridged carbon shell of the outsole.

Fitted Agion anti bacterial treatment this is an insole that stays smell free for longer.

Ergo Strap Custom

Sticking with the comfort theme, the straps of the shoe can be fully adjusted depending on the shape of the foot bridge. Full adjustability is essential for athletes competing at such a high level as the different riding styles, speeds and environments means that the athlete needs a way of adjusting the fit of the shoe to allow for things like foot swelling and the need for added space and flexibility.

Clima Vent Tongue with Ergo Insert

No matter what technology the shoe has incorporated into the outer and inner sections, without a well fitting upper section the shoe will never be comfortable.

The Mavic Pro road cycling shoes have a tongue that has been made from soft synthetics with added meshing for added ventilation as well as fit. A seamless construction reduces the potential for irritation and a EVA comfort zone provides a soft buffer against your ankle for added comfort.


The Mavic pro road cycling shoe is a shoe that has been designed for pro athletes and then adapted for the general pubic. It has an incredible amount of high performing features that make it not only one of the most responsive and efficient shoes on the market but also one of the most comfortable and well ventilated.

Available at Chain Reaction Cycles

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