Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 Review

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12Back in its12th edition, Brooks’ have packed even more features into their new¬†Adrenaline GTS 12 than the previous version, giving Adrenaline junkies the same fit and feel as previous models whilst improving the ride and way the shoe handles the high impact that high speed running causes. The previous Adrenaline GTS 12 was selected as Runners World Editors Choice for spring 2011 and it gas even more great features that make this a perfect choice for a high speed, bespoke cushioned support shoe.

One of the factors that makes this line of support shoe so popular is the patented DNA technology that has been a big hit with runners over the past few years. Strategically placed sections of non-newtonian gel along the length of the midsole disperse shock to the surrounding cushioning more effectively the harder you run. This means that you have a cushioning system that reacts to your running style and intensity to keep you protected from the injury causing impact that running can cause.

Stability wise, the Adrenaline 12 is very similar to the 11 with the main update being in the heel of shoe with the addition of something called a crash pad. An array of different sized pods compress differently depending on your running gait and provide a bespoke level of protection for every runner.

Brooks have also updated the Adrenaline 12 with added stability features to make theBrooks Adrenaline GTS 12 Review ride as controlled as possible without effecting either ride or performance. The medial of the shoe has something called a progressive diagonal role bar which is essentially post where the arch of the foot sits. This post is made up of different grades of material ranging from soft to hard as you follow the arch from the heel. This progressive support gives a batter ride and different stability for different runner – more bespoke technology from Brooks.

The upper of the shoe has been designed to give the same fit and feel as the previous Adrenaline model but the addition of extra mesh, and four adjustable straps give an elastic fit that flexes in line with your foot. In addition, a new synthetic leather strap of material keeps the tongue from deforming and keeps your foot snug fit throughout your run.

Last year the previous model drew the attention of Runners World editors and was given the prestigious title of editors choice award for Spring 2011. This year one of the worlds most popular running shoe lines returns with a version that has added stability and fit whilst maintaining the features of the old model that made this shoe such a hit with so many runners and triathletes. A perfect show for fast racing that offers bespoke fit, cushioning and stability that works hard to keep your gait supported without compromising on ride or reactivity.

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