2XU Compression Tights

2XU Compression Tights Review

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2XU are the world leader when it comes to compression tights for triathletes and for good reason. Countless amateur and professional athletes swear by the performance enhancing and recovery boosting properties of 2XU compression tights and they are fast becoming the standard training kit for the high mileage triathlete.

Before we go on to give an overview of some of the highest performing 2XU compression tights available on the market, it is worth recapping exactly what compression can do for your training and how it can help you achieve your triathlon goals.

The main aim behind compression is to improve blood flow to those muscles that are stressed the most during intense training. By improving blood flow with gradiented pressure, compression wear squeezes more oxygen into your muscles, meaning that they can perform at their best for longer.

A less well known but no less important fact about compression tights is that they also support your joints and muscles as you cycle through your range of motion when training. More support means less fatigue and although the effects may only be minimal, the feeling of support that compression wear gives you is more than enough to train harder and push your limits.

Improved circulation also helps prevent build up of lactic acid and toxins in the muscles during exercise as well as improving the removal process after exercise. This means that you recover quicker after high intensity training and therefore can train for more hours each week without feeling as fatigued.

There you have a brief overview of the benefits of compression wear and so now all that remains is to introduce the two most popular 2XU Compression Tights lines currently in shops and stores all over the world.

2XU Mens Elite Compression Tights

The best selling model of 2XU compression clothing is the Elite Compression Tights for both Men and Women. Triathletes the world over wear these tights both during training

2XU Elite Compression Tights

and post exercise to maximise performance and speed of recovery.

Worn by over 40 official sponsored athletes (and countless more professional and club triathletes) you would be hard pressed to find a training camp or club session where someone wasn’t sporting a pair of Elite tights.

Although not worn for competition, their training benefits have been proven the world over and many professional triathletes incorporate them as a matter of routine into their training regime. Most pre race interviews that you read mention how these compression tights come into their own during long haul flights and how within a matter of hours of landing the athlete is ready to train again with reduced swelling and reduced fatigue from the flight.

Looking at the technical specs of the 2Xu Elite Compression Tights they have been designed with comfort as well as performance in mind at every stage of the design process. Not only are they moisture wicking as well as offering targeted compression and support they have been designed with flat-lock seams to ensure that they stay comfortable and well fitting until the very end of your training and recovery.

  • Value for Money – 7
  • Functionality – 9
  • Comfort – 9
  • Performance – 9
  • RMT Ranking – 9


2XU Compression Tights

For the casual triathlete (if there is such a thing) or for the high mileage triathlete who needs a few pairs of compression tights, the standard 2XU compression tights form the

2XU Compression Tights

cornerstone of many peoples training wardrobe.

Featuring all of the same comfort and performance features as the 2XU Elite Compression Tights, the standard 2Xu tights feature slightly less compression on the three main leg muscle groups.

These tights still include all of the comfort features of their Elite version, and incorporate flat-lock seams, advanced moisture control and UV protection for long haul training.

The same gradiented compression improves blood flow and enhances both performance and recovery to make these one of the most popular compression tight models on the market – so much so that they even made it into the running space when they won the Running Bug’s best tights award 2011.

  • Value for Money – 8
  • Functionality – 8
  • Comfort – 9
  • Performance – 8
  • RMT Ranking – 8

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