Polar GPS Watch Overview

Polar have recently released two new GPS watches into the market, each of which have their own special features and limitations. Use the below cheat sheet to see which watch is best for you:

Polar RCX5 Highlights

The Polar RCX5 is Polars multi sport watch. It is easy to switch between running, cyclingpolar rcx5 and swimming mode using a quick switch button and the ability to connect the watch up to a variety of sensors means that you can record a huge array of training data.


Heart touch – touch the watch to your chest to start a new lap

Optional pairing with foot pod, gps unit and cycle sensor

Multi sport mode at the touch of a button

Heart rate zone alerts

Polar RCX3 Highlights

The RCX3 has been designed with the runner and cyclist in mind. It has two new heart rate training features that allowpolar rcx3 you to plan your training more effectively. The watch is lacking in waterproofing unfortunately so triathletes should consider its older brother, the RCX5

Zone optimiser adjusts your heart rate zones depending on how fatigues or tired you are at the time of your training session

Training Load allows you to see the effect your training is having on your body’s training load

Optional connectivity with GPS unit, foot pod and cycle sensor

For more details on the RCX3 or the RCX5 see the review over on runtheline.com or alternatively, the Polar webiste.

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