Newton Sir Isaac Guidance Running Shoe

The Sir Isaac is the latest shoe from the company that was the first to develop advanced natural running shoes.

Newton Running Sir Isaac In The Box

Designed to be more stable and more durable than the popular Motus or Gravitas shoes, the Sir Isaac is the perfect shoe for anyone looking to make the transition from a conventional running style to a more natural way of running or anyone looking for a fast and stable trainer for the fastest of triathlons.

Unlike conventional running shoes that feature a 12 mm heel to toe offset, Newton shoes feature a flat profile with prominent forefoot lugs that encourage you to run on your mid/forefoot instead of your heel. This more natural way of running improves running efficiency and reduces the amount of stress to your lower legs.

Newton Running Sir Isaac Front View

The lugs at the front of the shoe are momentarily depressed into shallow hollows within the midsole and store energy for a brief second before propelling your forward as you lever your foot ready for toe-off. Following this ‘Land, Lever, Lift’ methodology the shoes return energy unlike any other trainer and has helped crown 5 IronMan world champions to date.

Newton Running Sir Isaac Front View 2

Building on the popular Motus and Gravitas shoes, the Newton Isaacs have been updated with a few key features which makes them perfectly suited for a novice to natural running:

Rounded heel and toe sections guide the foot into the forefoot/midfoot landing is key to encouraging a more natural way of running.

Updates to the forefoot lugs, mid sole and width of shoe help with stability and ultimately offer a more easy transition from conventional running to natural running.

A wear resistant rubber on the outsole increases durability and increases the life of the shoe as well as providing grip and traction where needed.

The Isaac’s green credentials are more then proven as it is suppled in a box made from 100% recycled material, a 100% recycled webbing, laces and top cover as well as a re-usable shoe bag/shopping bag for guild free shopping.

Bottom Line – A great shoe for those making the transition from conventional to natural running and a high mileage stable trainer for the rest of us.

  • Value for Money – 8
  • Functionality – 9
  • Comfort – 9
  • Performance – 9
  • RMT Ranking – 9


For more information on the Newton Issac’s as well as natural running and the ‘Land, Lever, Lift” way of running visit the Newton Website

Available from B2P Sports

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  1. Lennart says:

    Hi Ross. Thank you for a very usefull review. I have one question for you. Did they fit true to size in your case?

    Best regards

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