Crewroom Vapor-X Bodyshell & Pertex Gillet

Chances are that if you run, cycle or row in London you will already have seen a Crewroom piece of kit and marvelled at its elegant, well fitting design. Crewroom originally started out as an advanced kit maker for competitive rowers, but after winning the rights to produce environmentally friendly kit for the Royal Parks Half Marathon the company began producing high end kit for all manner of endurance sports, including running and cycling.

Crewroom Bodyshell

13,000 Royal Parks Half Marathon shirts made their way onto the streets of London that day and they proved so popular with race entrants due to their comfort ad performance that they are still the preferred training shirt for many runners.

Kate Giles, the founder of Crewroom first started the company after developing pneumonia whilst out training one day. Kate used to row competitively and after it took only one particularly gruelling week of training to turn a simple virus into a life threatening condition that possibly could have been averted. Kate more than anyone understands the importance of wearing the right kit for the climate that you are training in and after struggling to find the right kit for many years she decided to start creating her own high performance products using only the fabrics that she knew athletes would be able to rely on.

Two popular products that Crewroom produce are the Vapor-X Bodyshell and the Pertex Gillet

These two products have been designed with the athlete in mind at every stage of the design process and utilise fabrics that are right at the top of the spectrum when it comes to performance.

Crewroom microlight gilet

Vapor-X Bodyshell

This is a multi purpose advanced body shell that has been designed with the British climate in mind. The Vapor-X material is a two layer construct; one is made from bamboo charcoal and one is recycled nylon. The result is an eco friendly bodyshell that is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, whilst retaining its wind proof, wicking and temperature control properties that have been optimised for the british seasonal temperature range.

Comfort and performance is the overwhelming theme to the Vapor Bodyshell as the bamboo charcoal has the ability to dry out quicker then fabrics like Murano Wool, ensuring that you are kept dry and comfortable for hours on end.

  • Value for Money – 8
  • Functionality – 9
  • Comfort – 10
  • Performance – 9
  • RMT Ranking – 9


Pertex Microlight Gillet

Gilets are great for endurance cycling or touring as they are light and packable as well as offering protection from the elements. The Crewroom Pertex Gilet is up to 75% less bulky than other soft shell gillets which means that is offers even more training benefit for its carry weight.

The patented ‘dernier gradient’ fabric also moves moisture away from your base layer or skin as well as offering basic wind-proofing and shower resistance (an all too common occurrence when training in Britain).

Featuring 35% Bambo Charcoal, the Microlight Gilet is again incredibly comfortable and importantly stays comfortable no matter how long you train for.

  • Value for Money – 9
  • Functionality – 9
  • Comfort – 10
  • Performance – 9
  • RMT Ranking – 9


Crewroom will be featuring at the London Marathon Exp on the 18th to the 21st April 2011 if you would like to find out more information about any of their products, or alternatively contact

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