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Prohormones for Triathlon?

The term prohormone has been used in modern medicine since the middle of the 20th century and the products themselves have become very popular over the past 10 years as way of achieving specific gains in strength, size or recovery.

A prohormone exists to increase the potency and strength of a naturally occurring hormone that is found in the body. Unlike steroids, prohormones do not add any hormones to the body and so are legal and some would argue safer (you can be the judge of that). Because they are legal, many sports professionals use them to sculpt their bodies as they can get the training benefits of steroids but without the legal risk

There are still significant health risks associated with prohormones and these can include the same side affects as steroids. Side affects are specific to each user and many can be controlled for if you take them in a responsible and safe way such as by following a specific plan with enough time for the drugs to pass out of your system over the course of a few weeks or months.

There are several prohormones that endurance athletes have used to great effect to reduce the recovery time between training sessions as well as the muscle mass needed for sprint triathlon racing.

It is always worth checking the legality of the prohormone that you intend to buy. There are several that are banned by US law due to their not being fit for human consumption and so assuming that just because you can buy it online means that it is legal is not always correct.



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