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The RMT team have been trying out some of the world’s top Turbo Trainers entering the market in 2012. With the off season training in full flow, the RMT team have selected the following four turbo trainers as the top of the competition!

Turbo Trainers provide the opportunity to smash out miles on your bike when the weather becomes too cold or rain is lashing down. The right combination of intensive intervals can set you up with a strong base for the Summer season; however we are not here to discuss training but the actual turbo trainers themselves!

Turbo trainers come in four main resistance categories; fluid, magnetic, wind or motor. Each one feels slightly different but the main characteristics we are looking for are functionality, noise and smoothness. The price of turbo trainers can vary from anywhere between £100 and £500! As ever, the RMT team will award each turbo trainer an overall “RMT Ranking”!

TacX T1960 Vortex Ergo – RRP £429.99

Available at Chain Reaction Cycles

  • Value for Money – 7
  • Functionality – 10
  • Comfort – 8
  • Performance – 9
  • RMT Ranking – 9


From a renowned manufacturer of trainers, the T1960 is the best looking product that we are reviewing. Its slick look is helped by wireless brake cables and a cadence sensor as part of the sturdy frame. With all the basic covered, the T1960 also has detailed HR, cadence and power stats at a touch of button giving an excellent review of your training session.

This functionality is great but it doesn’t have a memory built in so not great if you use targeted improvement in your training!

Overall, the latest offering from TacX is easy to set up has a great manual functionality but the memory limitation is not ideal for the serious trainer.


CycleOps JetFluid Pro – RRP £282.99

Available at Chain Reaction Cycles

  • Value for Money – 6
  • Functionality – 6
  • Comfort – 9
  • Performance – 8
  • RMT Ranking – 7


Out of the selection of unintelligent turbo trainer, the JetFluid provides a one of the smoothest and most realistic rides, one of the key characteristics we are looking for in a TT. This is all made possible by its clever PowerTuned Technology making use of a power curveand precision balance flywheel.

This model allows you to select the specific type of ride you want enhancing your training workout.  The trainer ticks all the boxes, it is relatively quiet, smooth and stable and when you start to ramp up the effort gives a life like feel.

Trying to find anything wrong with this product was tough as it performance is great for the entry level trainer, that’s if you are willing to invest a little more for quality and don’t want to seriously train with it.

Elite Novo Mag Trainer – RRP £162.99

Available at Chain Reaction Cycles

  • Value for Money – 9
  • Functionality – 6
  • Comfort – 7
  • Performance – 7
  • RMT Ranking – 7


As entry level trainers go, this Elite model offers a stylish alternative to usual on the market. With five levels of adjustment and a new design frame that increases stability, we enjoyed the ride on this trainer and felt that the price was great value for money.

If you were considering a first time buy for the winter months, this would be an ideal option and the gel roller does reduce the sound for those complaining neighbours! A very practical and easy to store product, this would suit the beginner triathlete.

Minoura Gyro V150 Remote – RRP £197.99

Available at Chain Reaction Cycles

  • Value for Money – 8
  • Functionality – 6
  • Comfort – 7
  • Performance – 7
  • RMT Ranking – 7


The last of the big 4 manufacturers, the V150 doesn’t look the best but it does have 7 variable resistant ranges and felt very stable when riding. This is a really solid ride although not the smoothest of the four. One thing we haven’t covered is ease of set up, by which single level foot system on this product is superior.

Again, with a lack of features the Minoura isn’t for the cycling enthusiast but perfect for entry level cyclist looking to get miles under their belt.

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